Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm back...

No blog posts for the last few weeks as I have been difting around the US of A playing Water Polo, road tripping with mates, meeting cool people and basically just chilling out and having a good time.

I will be landing in London in a few hours and will be back into suit wearing, geek talking, key board bashing work and to be honest, I am looking fwd to it. I took my laptop away with me, however only really managed to check emails (still hundreds unread) and maybe got 8 hours of code done... in 5 weeks... not so good.
Will be going over all my favourite blogs over the weekend to catch up top the rest of the world... updating my CV to reflect the last few projects is was involved in and stream line the contents for the more agressive UK job market.

I have even splashed out and got myself a new CK suit in NYC... I am looking fwd to the challenge... interviews begin on monday... wish me luck!