Monday, July 23, 2007

Measuring Productivity

LOC is possibly the most stupid way to measure productivity. It really doesnt show anything and possibly encourages bloated code for the not so noble coder keen to grease up to the project manager.
Possibly a better option is measuring based on passing Unit Tests.
  • A unit test usual defines one part of functionality.
  • It encourages the developer to write untis tests and encourages more robust coding.
This is kind of a brain dump, but i think it may have merit...possibly.


Lior Messinger said...

i'm not sure if ANYTHING could really measure programmer's productivity. There are so many factors - robustness, features, mentoring and more that I am still waiting to see the measurement that would integrate them all.

Unknown said...

I agree, there never going to be a real way of measuring how well a programmer is doing on a project in terms of total performance.
However "Productivity" surely only measures "What you have produced". It doesn't take into account quality issues.
This is why i thought perhaps the number of unit test could be a good gauge as to howmany fatures the developer has created, or at least the cyclomatic complexity that he has tested to...
How you measure quality is a completely different story, well not completely different, but one I am sure project managers are less likely to consider.