Wednesday, September 5, 2007


In my pursuit of jobs in London I have noticed a disitinct lack of .Net 3.0 and Ajax orientated ad's.. which for some reason reminded me of a conversation i had when silver light and WPF where hitting the seen... Why? Flash is not really used heavily in enterprise solutions.. why is MS going down that path?
Well for starters, why not? It provides another option for the MS sector to compete with the those "other" types and if MS has the resources.. then give us the options!
Secondly it helps create more usable UI's and therfore, possibly, a better user experience.
WPF is been used in several financial institutions that I am aware of. It make sense to make the experience as easy as possible.
I one instnace training is a very costly execise, especially for markets where there is a high turn over of staff that still require a certain amount of relevant businesses knowledge.
In another situation, large amounts of data that needs to be represented in a user friendly manner (different graphs shown changing in real time) can now more easily be created so user can make more educated descisions in a more timely manner. these are more easily configured and manipulated again in real time for optimal UX...

It seems that these companies that are throwing massive amounts of cash into prelim studies, R&D and then on the not-so cheap teams of contractors to learn and implement these new trendy technologies must be of the opinion that the cost of dev is worth it.
Good for us I say!

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