Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We have just registered with Assembla.com to manage our international project code base. I wasn't expecting much, assuming
A: we were paying for it and
B: it would just be an SVN repository.
I have been pleasantly surprised (as both those assumptions were wrong). We are still kicking the tyres but the project management and code check in facilities are nice and clean, not a lot of clutter and provide the experience that i really wanted.
I can see this being a great way for Nick, Gum and I to get working together remotely and getting our code all playing nice. I would be keen to see how i could bolt on some continuous integration to the mix...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. We have tried to make the add-on management tools more useful.

Do you just need a post commit hook to trigger your own continuous integration? We have a simple version of that - a URL that gets called. I am sure it could be more sophisticated. Or, would you be interested in a virtual server that was preconfigured for continuous integration.

Unknown said...

To be honest I am only just looking into Continuous Integration. I have always been lucky and palmed it off to other people to sort out. I am quite interested in the Jet Brains Team City CI application, so would be keen to see if that could tie into your existing functionality.
If you dont mind me asking; What are existing clients using for CI?