Thursday, August 28, 2008

The satisfaction of refactoring

I am in the process of heavily re factoring our service facade (ie WCF) layer. the first file i got hold over i have already removed 60% of the LOC and got a significant number of the methods to one line
public GeoLocationFindByIdResponse GeoLocationFindById(GeoLocationFindByIdRequest aTransportObject)

return FindEntityById

that's a big improvement from the 36 liner that it replaces and a whole lot easier to read.
One of our major issues was cut and paste code of logging and auditing/instrumentation. As we are not using AOP I have decided to go with passing delegates. It has actually sped up the method calls too as i have re factored out redundant methods calls and repeated logging. Now all of fault handling and the "aspect" like stuff can be handled in one place and the code is a whole lot easier to maintain.

Cool, i am happy with that!

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