Tuesday, September 16, 2008


There was an article posting summarising some views of the intersection of SAO and DDD.
It is funny but the same discussion was had over the weekend. I felt SOA could flourish from a DDD approach, certainly in my experience. If a well constructed domain has been created then the services can expose the business functionality at the granularity required. As DDD is such an organic process it feels like the Services naturally expose themselves. Now this is unfortunately not really the way SOA’s are approached, with good reason. You can’t just give a dev team an application and ask them to tell the business/architects what services came out of “the evolution of the domain”, we want to be a bit more concrete than that.
I have been lucky (?!?!) in that the application I am working on is to be part of an SOA structure. The definition is largely up in the air at the moment so as a dev/designer I have significant influence. We can actually define the service exposed based on the upfront and ongoing analysis and user feedback on the existing functionality. Will this bode well when it comes to implementation of the publicly available service? I don’t know. I certainly hope so. Although I won’t be here when that eventuates I am very keen to here the progress.
Currently we are making progress albeit with a stack that I don’t feel is optimal, but the amount of friction we get on a daily basis is hardly bearable

Synchronous Messaging
Application layer

I am interested to hear that others feel the application layer should be behind the messaging system, I would like to investigate more.

If something is significant to warrant a Service Orientated Architecture then I feel a DDD approach is a great fit, where SOA is the higher level Architecture and DDD being the design principles guiding the developers to correctly model the business process.

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