Thursday, December 4, 2008


Things I have forgotten about and web dev:

ASP.Net thinks safari is old skool and not capable. this is annoying when you cant change the servers .browser files ( meaning some of the web controls don't work to well.

CSS can be a pain in the ass. In fact I hate UI altogether. Relying on customers to give you pictures and content is painful too

Linq 2 XML is a god sent for customers that don't want to pay for a database but still want some dynamic features.. my XML and file system interrogation based web control library is growing fast ;)

In saying that, building web sites in general is fast. Unfortunately it is all the tedious things that take time. Seriously I can get a site up in under a day but its the finicky crap is the thing that will annoy me...font changes, image alignment, cross browser qwirks.. arrrgh!!!

One site I always for get about is its great for creating your favicon.

So If any one need a Ma and Pa web site, holla. I don't promise anything uber wicked  but  can give a quick turn around.... plus my girlfriends hand bags don't pay for themselves... pffft ;)

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