Monday, October 12, 2009

Functional .Net: The Beginning

Of late I have (along with a few colleagues and friends) started to make a bit more of a concerted effort to up skill in the area of functional programming. I admit that my knowledge is  of functional programming is high level (at best) although have in advertently been using several of the core concepts due to the language feature I am exposed by the C# language I use on a day to day basis.

What has spurred me on is the talks from Dr Erik Miejer on channel 9 (the first of 13 can be found here). The talks plan on tackling Functional programming by working through the benchmark Functional book: Programming in Haskell

I am keen to see how the series progresses, I am only up to episode 2 but am already seeing value, more in the "why" as opposed to the "how", which is fine for this early stage of my journey.

I also want a bit of commercial return on investment with relation to what I can do in my day to day job with functional programming. As I have mentioned C# actually handles several of the Functional paradigms (although perhaps not as elegantly as F# and the like) and thanks to .Net resident Functional voice-to-the-masses, a bunch of Functional programming samples in C# can be found here to download; Cheers Matt! Along with just raw C# code he has a bunch of Wiki links to highlight what each example is actually doing; you may be surprised that you are inadvertently using some of these techniques!

Any way I will keep you posted as to how I progress as I move forward on the beginning on what is hopefully a fruitful journey!

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