Thursday, April 15, 2010

Help Me Help You

We have been lucky here in Perth that we have a very active community, well run by people who have stepped up to the plate to provide us these events. However these events are not free. We need venues, we often get prizes and some sweet swag. I don't think some of our attendees quite understand that without that support we have no event.
We are also fortunate enough to have sponsors we actully like! For this reason when we make a plug it not just because they are a sponsor but because we either use the product or service (or want to) ourselves. As our audiene is largely made of business developers I thought they would understand these basic back scratching processes.
Anyway, below is a list companies or products that have made many live better by helping out a technical community I'm involved in AND I recommend professionally:
JetBrains-ReSharper, Teamcity

Thanks. I like your stuff, recommend you and thank you for helping us out. Also want to thank Mitch Wheat and Mike @wolfbyte for organizing us presentations every month; you are appreciated!

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Wolfbyte said...

Thanks Rhys. I was worried about taking sponsorship stuff from companies but your reasoning is spot on. I'd never endorse a company or product if I didn't believe in them and my list is very similar to yours. The ALT.NET community has been small in Perth but still quite strong and I look forward to being able to reward some of our regular attendees.