Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Object Builder

Object Builder is a very handy piece of the CAB and software factories, however is sadly not so handy in the real world. I was hoping that it would be a Microsoft implementation of the very useful DI containers that float around like Spring.Net, however I seem to be mistaken. The documentation is sparse and a the PowerPoint I could find wouldn’t run on my current Work PC… hmmm.
After finding blogs like this that seem to be mirroring my own frustrations, I have decided to stick with what I know.
Spring.Net is a fantastic tool that is really, in the scheme of things, bloody easy to use.
Why was I hesitant to use Spring.Net? Firstly we were already using the SCSF, which uses CAB and the OB, so that was obviously my first preference (ie use something already in use!). However as mentioned it implementation fell right into the “taking to long to research and even get started” basket. Secondly, well, some companies are hesitant to use 3rd party tools, especially on critical aspects of business. Having that little “Microsoft” prefix on the assembly tends to give more peace of mind.
However the Spring framework has had such wide testing and I feel that I have given it a pretty good tyre kicking, so I feel happy to use it, hopefully the PM does to.

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