Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Currently Playing with Castle stuff and GhostDoc

New (to me) stuff i have been playing with:

As well as the CAB/ SCSF stuff ihave been working on at work, I have been playing with AR & AW at home. They dont really go with my normal views on enterprise level data access, however in my vague attampts to broarden my horizons I have started to dable in their worlds.


  • Easy to read code. As all the DA is under the hood its code creates the illusion(?) of clearer code.
  • Easy to create Business entities and DA, just drag and drop.
  • Seperation of Business entities from UI

All of this can be done with Code smith, however I thought I would look at this as it is another "string to my bow" so to say. I am currently building a smalll web app from it to see how well it work under light load.

I can see these tools beign great for very basic web sites. Get someone who understands the data requirements to build a DB and AR classes then just palm it off to the UI guys as the model aspect of an MVC set up. Would be great from 3 tier app with basic data structure.

Ghost doc... well it just helps with documenting your code. Its very simple but anything that helps with the mundane is a good thing in my book.

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