Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Recurring events and SQL

Working with "Recurring events" is proving to be interesting. I am trying to create a framework that will allow for adding recurring events (such as training times from a given team) with reasonable flexablity, reasonable speed in creating and querying and still reasonably maintainable.
It looks like there will have to be a trade off some where.
I am using the concepts from Fowler's recurrence essay and extending that. Putting that into a Database pushes me to wanting to use the XML datatype... the more i think about it tho, the less I like it as the querying power would be, well, not so good.
If I use table to map to the temporal expression it could get messy quick too. Either way i am wanting the abiltiy to create db entry for an instance of the recurrence so people can leave note etc for specific occurances...

this is going to be interesting... only post i could find so far has been


I may have to step back again and relook at what i'm doing ;)


Fabio said...

Have you found any good solution for your implementation?

RhysC said...

Hi Fabio,
unfortunately no, if you do find anything please let me know!