Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Infragistics Controls

There are some time where a defined and limited structure is a good thing.
There are some time where a bit more flexibility is a good thing.
Then there are time when a blank canvas is ideal. I think Infragistics has gone for the third option.

I have been doing some UI work with the Win forms arena and the project i am on is using the Infragistics controls. I have no problem with that, at least they have define a UI standard in that regard. what i have problem with is just trying to find the most trivial operations on what should be basic controls.

I assume the Ultra Grid to be very flexible and somewhat insane as far how many methods and properties that are accessible... but a drop down list does not need to have that many options.

If it does, then a good idea would be to follow the basic MS naming standards so developers can find the appropriate properties/methods/events with out having to trawl through the slew of options intellisense give me... its been painful to say the least.

I cant see me buying the package for home any time soon.

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