Monday, June 16, 2008

New Development Machine Is Ordered

With a large gulp I have ordered what will hopefully be my work machine for the next few years.
Arriving some time this week is a new Mac Pro 8 core (2.8Ghz), 10GB Ram, 1.5TB HDD, 2 x 23' Screens with a bunch of lovely little extras such as Vista 64 pre-installed with boot camp access.

I must say i am looking fwd to ripping open those boxes, but somewhat nervous too.. i have never have a Mac (does an Apple II Gs from 91 count?) and i have never made full use of Virtual machines at home. My confidence is increased with the glowing reports of VM ware fusion product and the fact the Vista 64 issues on macs seemed to have settled.

I am also going to use this as an opportunity to venture out of the snug M$ world I have been sheltered in and play more with Java, Ruby, Python as well as the Nix operating systems that i have never really got my hands dirty with, particularly Ubuntu.

First thing I'll be buying once it lands is VM-Ware Fusion and then start setting up my various virtual machines. I am thinking of keeping quite distinct environments such as a Vista and Server 2008 dev environment, OSx Dev Environment, Ubuntu dev environment and a music environment (for recording) on OSx. I may even push a virtual copy of my existing physical machine up. Why not? I think i'll have the space!

Now all I need is a desk to put all this on... this is my first non latop in over 5 years!


Lee Campbell said...

Go on... how much was it?
Can you post photos once you have it set up?
Couple of questions:
Is the disk RAID/SCSI?
Why 10 GB RAM? I would have thought 8 or 16GB.
Very keen to hear your report once all is running.

RhysC said...

how much? too much... even with the massive discount, but stuff it, i have soooo much work over the next few months i dont want a crap machine slowing me down.
not raid...thoughts?
10g ram as we got 8 and the guy threw in 2 for free (as well as a 500gb HDD and 3 years warranty and other little bits and pieces).

Expect plenty of reports and photos.

Tim Barcz said...

Holy crap 10GB? 1.5TB....

you're nuts dude and I love it.