Tuesday, August 26, 2008

VS2008/3.5 SP1 == Fail

Ok, so its been about a week of running SP1 on vs2008 and all i can sy is: "WTF?!?" There is no need to list the bugs, as the interweb is chocka full of them (including a couple I have posted to the conect team), but I must say that I have been incredibley underwhelmed. When i install an SP i dont expect everything to break. This is the worst release i have encountered from M$ in a while. I am really dissapointed in a team that i thought was on the up and heading in a new positive direction. :(


Anonymous said...

What kind of errors are you getting? I'm primarily doing ASP.NET work, but SP1 hasn't caused any issues yet.


Unknown said...

It seems like WPF*, XML + XSD & rhino mocks and my main issues.

The XML one has been the biggest issue. i am currently mapping alot of table in nhibernate and VS is crashing alot. Admitedly some of the XML dont matche the xsd and these are the usually suspects, but i expect red squiggles, not vs falling over.
Well i have finshed all my mapping now, with intergartion test, so hopfully is will be having less crashes.

* am just playing with WPF so its not really that musch of a problem, but still!