Sunday, November 9, 2008

DbC edging closer to mainstream!

As you may be aware I am a big DbC fan. So I am obviously stoked to see a couple of things pop of late (sorry if this is old news i am on a big holiday at the moment so finger is not really on the pulse)

1: The System.Diagnostics.Contracts name space. Thanks goodness this is getting put into the core libraries.
A temp forum leaning on the PEX* team ;)

My first up impressions.
Well its good that it is non longer 3rd party ie Spec#, well at least moving out of the lab and into real .Net
The code is in the method body, which i think is ok as an option but i would like to have more visible, or perhaps more logically located. Spec#s incarnations looked pretty good to me.

Anyways this along with TDD should be making for some pretty robust libraries. looking fwd to getting my pc back and having a play.

*PEX is a whitebox testing frameworks that looks pretty cool too :)

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