Friday, January 30, 2009

Perth Alt.Net!

Yay! I have just found out that Perth is setting up an Alt.Net group... im super psyched about this... its exactly what this town needs, a good shake up about core coding fundamentals and best practices ;)



Colin Scott said...

Sounds nifty. Any details?

RhysC said...

whoops, sorry:

It would be great to have people like yourself attend as it tends to evolve into talks orientated around conceptual, abstract & general coding topics and how they apply to working with .net as opposed to "hey how cool is Azure/silverlight/new cool M$ thing!". In saying that there is often talk about new wizz bang OSS stuff and process improvement.
Tell the kids, spread the word.

Lee Campbell said...

This is great. I hope you have some of your presentations ready mate. Im sure Grae Foster, Dwayne Reed, Bill Poole and others will be willing and able to lend their wisdom to the cause.