Monday, December 24, 2007

DBC within the C# language - Spec#

Spec# or SpecSharp
I have been hoping for something like this for quite awhile. I am hoping this will be something that will aid in compile time assistance for Design By Contract programming.
I have been looking into third party apps and even building my own libraries, however what i really wanted was compile time errors as opposed to run time errors, which although Test would usually find, don't really help other developers as they leverage of my code.
Currently i have comments and run time checks however this still does not force consumers of my method to adhere to the contract, it only throw run time exceptions when they break the contract. the benefit here is they fail fats and they get a more meaningful exception message as to WHY the parameters are not valid. But it often also means that i have code the looks like:

public class Foo: IFoo
public void Bar(object param1)
Check.IsNotnull(param1, "Foo.Bar: param1 can not be null");
if(param1 != null) //***this line is effectively redundant
//do something with param1...

The null check is still in place to prevent FXCop errors arising by not checking for the objects state before using it.
I really hope the Spec# C# additions will aid in this.

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