Sunday, December 9, 2007

DSL's and tearing up tiers

I read a lot of Ayende's post, well actually I read everything he puts out, so as he references his work with Binsor and Brail (which are Boo off shoots/DSL), I figured I had better see what its all about. Well I am still getting my head around things, I haven't learnt a new language in so long (shame on me). However I can now see why Bindsor would be so handy. I am not a huge fan of strings and XML to me, is one massive string. If i can get compile time checking AND get the flexibility of easy config. Sweet. Another thing on my massive to do list DSL up my configs.

Volta from MSDN labs is out... another thing I need to play with. Could be great for small teams teams if it works... after reading the blurb i am wondering if this is stepping on CSLA.Nets toes?

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