Monday, April 21, 2008 Lessons for 'tards

What I learned:
-TDD is not as simple as it seems. There are many approaches, frameworks, & schools of thought. MBUnit, TypeMock, MoQ need a decent looking at by yours truly and delve a bit deeper into RhinoMock and NSpec.
-There are some real smart in this movement. The Distributed Domain Driven Design session with the likes of Udi, Martin, Greg, Drew and Alan(?) etc. was awesome.
-Understanding other languages helps you understand the benefits and limitations of "your" language that much better. I really need to play more with Ruby, Python, F#... just something... anything!
-Spec# should not be know as Spec# it should just be C#. This, IMO is f*&king ridiculous. These guys are working hard to help us improve the the code at design, compile and runtime... why would we all not want this? IF this can be pushed into the C# 3.5 then just make it part of .Net 4.0.....Anders: Make it so!!!!!
-Hansleman is not only a sharp witted & entertaining guy but is smarter than a lot of his podcasts let on. (Are you dumbing this down for us Scott? ;) )
-We need to bottle the water in Israel and Austin TX and combine it and include it in your MSDN subscription... they are hubs for smart dudes.
-Everyone was a lot nicer than I expected.. even Bellware (jokes!)... I hope this continues as it was a big nice warm fuzzy environment :).
-Special note goes to Glenn Block from Patterns and Practices. Kudos for jumping in the firing line and being prepared to take flack... even if the products are well before his time. I hope that very open and receptive attitude continue amongst the PnP team :)

*Oh.. the tard is me

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Tim Barcz said...

Good meeting you at ALT.NET, I enjoyed the whole thing....

Get me some of that Israel water. And seriously what is up with Austin Texas!?!!???