Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Greenfields project

I am setting up a Greenfields ASP.Net service based app for a "friend". It is not completely a self less act. The work I do on a day to day basis bores me to tears so this is an opportunity for me to play with new tools, frameworks ideas etc and stop me hating being a coder.

Also as a contractor I often come in after the initial set up has occurred, which means I suck at setting up solutions. I am using the TreeSurgeon project and Mike Roberts article to guide into best practise here. So have a single batch file to call a single NAnt build script to build and test all my stuff. As there are a bunch of empty projects and empty tests this is pretty bloody fast!!! LOL

So straight off the bat I have in my Development IDE
  • VS2005 (waiting form my copy of 2008)
  • TestDriven.Net
  • Ghost Doc
  • ReSharper (old but still happy with it as i am not 3.5 yet)
.Net aspects I am using
  • WCF
  • Old Skool WebForms. the first Web layer will probably be throw away especially as it uses AP.Net Security which doesn't suit the requirements. I may move to MVC later, but I honestly have never had issues with WebForms mainly because everything I usually kept very simple. Plus i wasn't TDD last time i did a web app, certainly not in the web projects at least.
  • SQL 2005

Frameworks I am using
  • Castle stack for IOC & AOP
  • NHibernate 2.0 (alpha)
  • MBUnit (because i haven't used it)
  • Rhino Mocks (because i am yet to use it properly), possibly TypeMock too for odd stuff
  • Nlog/Log4net... who cares some sort of logging... actually probably L4N as it is in other assemblies already.
Deployment and source control
  • NAnt 0.86
  • SVN
  • CC.Net or Team City. Not set up yet.
  • for svn and project management
Quality Control Tools
  • FX Cop
  • NDepend
  • NCover
  • Sandcastle
and would like to use Spec# but its too much of a hassle to have it in "real" code.
I think that pretty much covers it.

I am keen to discuss lot of the architectural side of things in weeks to come. I am probably going post a few of the questions on the altdotnet list (yahoo group) too.



Lee Campbell said...

You considering PostSharp, or will Castle do that too now?

RhysC said...

Castle will do that, but in a visualy "less clean" way. There is some code out there showing how to making it more attribute driven, so i may leverage that so we get the benefits of Castle with the ease of dev that you get from PostSharp. If it gets too hard, then i'll fail over to PostSharp. ;)