Monday, April 21, 2008

Post Alt.Net

Well I have arrived pretty late in London after delayed flights and nasty Heathrow.. so going to work is off the cards... sorry John...

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone involved in organising the event and a special thank to the people who took the time out to share knowledge with me, debate and talk about the virtues of a diet high in salt sugar fat and volume...
particularly: Ian, Tim, Chris(es), Jarod, Jason, Ray(s), Roy, Scott(s), Udi, Martin, Greg, Dru et al
Thanks for everything hope to see you all in the near(ish) future; keep in touch!

For those that didn't attend, you missed out. The stuff learned was the stuff you needed to learn. the people you meet are the people you need to meet. This is better than Tech-Ed because you are the ... if only we got free stuff... actually we did! Cheers Roy!


Chris Sutton said...

Good to meet you Rhys. Hope you are recovering from that ColdRock ice cream.

RhysC said...

mmmmmm nothing like ice cream when its snowing!
Good to meet you too Chris!

Tim Barcz said...


You'll have to come back sometime and sample some more beer (preferably Iowan...we got a spare bedroom!)