Friday, July 18, 2008

Design Patterns 101

How have i missed these!!!
JP Boo hoo hoo hoo ;) has some great intro's to Design Patterns on DNR TV. I am just watching the first of the series now so cant yet comment on the rest but so far so good. He presents it really well, but beware if you are not a ReSharper user it may be a bit of a tornado.

Check it out!
DotNetRocks TV Archives
John Paul's Design shows: 63, 65, 68, 71, 92

BTW Word on the street is JP's .Net courses are top-shelf-single-malt awesomeness. I have been recommended them from guys i respect in the community but have not had the chance to attend (get to the UK mate). If you get the chance to go to one at least investigate.

JP's Blog


Tim Barcz said...

You should come over to the states and go...with the current currency exchange rates, you could go for 14 bucks...

RhysC said...

yeah, not a bad idea! The Eric Evans DDD course is on the week I leave the UK, and at around £2000 I seriously have to think if I can justify it. Maybe JP in USD is a better option ;)
Erics London DDD course:

JP's Nothin but .Net