Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mac Pro Progress

Alright after a lovely few day in Barcelona with the missus and some mate finally got home and plugged it in.
First thoughts are:
-It looks amazing. The screens are huge and crystal clear.
-All the mac stuff was pretty easy to use the hardest things are the standard "what buttons do what" and "no right click" (althought there is a context menu, its just at the top of the left screen... wierd). The dumbest thing so far is the copy key stroke is actuall quite hard to do, it would be like ALT+C which is not that finger friendly.
-Bootcamp seems to be working OK...

I have installed Office and SQL 2005 with out any probs on Vista 64 ultimate on a bootcamp partion. unfortuantely my copy of VS2008 appaers to be damaged as some files can not be read off the disk. ARRRGGGHHHH!

so i have basically been downloading all my other requirements eg Castle, Nhibernate (i believe was the first 2.0 beta download! ohhhhh), SVN etc etc
so once i have my IDE ready to roll im good to go.

Next up is the stuff i need to pay for... gotta get my VM-Ware Fusion, TD.Net, NCover, NDepend etc...

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