Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Harnessing Multi Core Power

I am wondering how may people out there are actively investigation Parallel development? Who is using F# or other functional languages? Is anyone really kicking the tyres of .Net 3.5 Parallel Extensions CTP?
With my new found wealth of 8 core power I figure not playing with this stuff is just dumb. Sure playing with a bunch of VMs and running a whole bunch of apps is nice, but i would really like to start harnessing some of that power for some grunty work... i just cant think of anything useful off the top off my head!


Lee Campbell said...

Remember POV-ray. I would love to see how rendering those old "scenes" from Uni would go on the 8-way beast.

I have played with the P-Linq/PFX stuff on my 4-way at work. It is quite sweet. Things seem to run 3.5 times faster which sounds about right, at a guess things should run 7-7.5 times faster on yours (moving from single thread to multi-threaded).

Being a Mac, It would be nice to see if any of the iLife stuff can run multi-threaded eg iMovie.

RhysC said...

All I can think about is imagine those rowing conversion i used to do for Pete at Neotek... they used to smash my box... that would take seconds to run with the beast and PFX... ahhhh oh well.