Sunday, October 5, 2008

MSTest == Fail

I know i have already blogged about my dislike of MSTest, but this POC is really getting to me. The amount of hoops you have to jump thru to get it working in anything other than VS is just beyond me. I am seriously thinking of pulling my team over to MbUnit because this is getting out of hand.

  • Its slow
  • Requires Visual Studio. This makes it pretty dirty when setting up build servers. So now our build server has an instance of VS on it... well done M$, you just got an extra license becuase you suck.
  • Poor integration with MS build; M$ own build script language. Why the hell does this not have native MSTest tasks? Hel go one step futher and make a pluggable interface so any test framework can be directly integrated.
  • Using config settings just doesnt work. MS in all there wisdom decide to exclude files from the build dir that you have explicitly said to include. Well done morons. No i have to put dirty hacks in my tests to pick up 3rd party config settings.

Compare this with MbUnit. Um... there are no issues, well none that i have come across. Its fast, it integrates well, it has no wired application requirements...I just dont understand how one of the biggest software munfacturers in the world can balls this up so bad. The fact that the software is for developers just means any mistake will be amplified, you think they would make it better than anything under the sun... jeez they even had JUnit, NUnit, MbUnit (and many more) to copy from. You would think a product that you are paying for would at least be as good as the free alternatives.
My disappointment continues.

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