Friday, May 23, 2008

Bill Poole's SOA Blog

I have had the privilege of working with Bill Poole after he interview me for a job in Perth, Western Australia for a fantastic company called Change Corporation. I was interviewed by Bill and another great guy Chris Nurse for a senior developer role back in '06. I was impressed with both gents as soon as they started the banter. You can learn lot about a company at an interview and I knew that CC was good fit for me after leaving that room. Interestingly enough Bill and I were both avid readers of Udi Dahan's blog, which I am sure earned me brownie points with Bill, a story i was lucky enough to pass on to Udi in person earlier this year. :)
Unfortunately I did not actually get to work on any projects with Bill in my time at CC, but had contact at the dev meeting and social events. Fortunately the rest of the crew I worked with were of an outstanding calibre so I was learning form pretty much everyone I worked with anyway, it really was a great company.

Anyway, I have been reading Bill's blog over the last few months, and I must say it is one of the best SOA blogs I currently read. I enjoy Udi's insights but sometimes they are a bit too high level and abstract for me to really take anything away. Bill tends to use more concrete examples, while still keeping it general enough for the masses to absorb.
So check out Bill's blog if services, architecture and SOA in general interest you, I am sure you will be impressed.
Keep up the good writing Bill. :)

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