Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have just managed to install IronPython on my work PC... but not easily.
None of the problems stem from Iron python, just from the VSX installation.
You would think after years of releasing software M$ could get it right.
You have to download the VS Shell extensions (vs_AppEnvRedist.exe). you then have to install the application(?!?) (vs_shell_isolated.enu) which may install the .net frameworks that are required (this is good!), then you can install the IronPythonStudio, which installs fine.
Why could the VSX installation be one step? Click on the exe and it installs, cleans up the crap left scattered through my c: drive and then let me know we are good to go!

Not a big issue, but one that should not even exists.
Anyway IronPython is going to get a little tyre kicking now ;)

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