Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Python... the beginning

So I bought me a Python book and download Python*. That was all pretty painless.

The book is so far pretty good, well written, no junk I don’t care about and to the point.

The language seems pretty easy to pick up.. kinda fits with the “convention over config” line of thoughts with its white space approach… I guess if we are going to have white space why not make it part of the language?

Its scripty and OO-ish.. I can already see where this will fit into my development plans, and can see where Ayende has gone with Boo. These languages are great for file/text manipulation especially on the fly.

One mistake I made was paying for the book... well not really, it was cheap and I can read it on the tube, but for those who don’t like paying for stuff the latest version of Dive Into Python can be found here

Also if you are a CLR junkie then have a look at IronPython

2.0 should be released soon, till then I’ll stick with the correct release version of 1.1.1 (for now)

*IronPython... not real Python ;)

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