Monday, May 19, 2008

New strings to the bow...

For awhile now I have been umming and arrghing and generally weighing whether to learn a dynamic styled language and which one to learn… Well I have been fluffing around for too long.

I am going to learn Python (OMG not ruby!).


  • It is supported on the CLR/DLR
  • It is similar in syntax to Boo
  • I want to learn Boo and be able to follow Ayendes post of DSLs
  • Ayende uses Boo and he is smarter than me. I try to follow people that are leaders in their fields.
  • I want a language to manipulate text that is better than c# or xslt… K

I am hoping that learning one will make it easier to learn others. I can jump between Java, VB and C# but the are all C based and basic just different dialect/syntax, hardly wildly different languages (well Fowler kinda agrees with me)

So time to get off my bum and do it. Any book recommendations?

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